Accessibility Policy

Here at the Buffalo Dairy, we strive to create a compatibility throughout the entire website. This was achieved by using standard layouts (meaning that menu's and links are where you expect them to be, etc. we also use headings and paragraphs where appropriate and the text colour of all links used will be blue with a blue line underneath to indicate that it is infact a link.

We have chosen colours that are viewable with a correct contrast that will not either blind viewers or make the text unreadable. All of the body text used will be in a black font colour on a white background to ensure that it is readable.

The fonts used are all fonts that are simple to read and are compatible across many different platforms from windows to mac.

Text resizing

The text used is of a fairly large size that will be readable on a variety of screen sizes. There are however, ways in which you can resize the text, if it becomes difficult to read.

Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox- View>Text size

Opera - File>Preferences>Fonts>Minimum font size (pixels)

It is also possible to resize the text by scrolling using the mouse whilst simultaneously holding down the control key or pressing 'ctrl' and '+' or '-'.

Browser Compatibility

We have striven to ensure that this site is compatible with many different types of browser. This was helped by keeping the site as simple as possible.

If you have any problems with this website, we would like to hear as we are constantly endeavouring to improve our site. Please contact us using the contact details on the 'contact us' page.

Alt Tags

Alt tags have been used on all images in the website as it improves the accessibility of the site. The alt tags give a description to a photo and when the mouse is hovered over the image, the description is shown in a box. It is also very useful for users with screen readers as it enables the screen reader to describe the photo. It can also be useful if there is a broken image as instead of just an 'x' showing there is no picture, it will provide a description of the photo instead.

Site Map

There has been a site map included in the website to improve the accessibility and ensure that it is simpler for the user to navigate through the site without using the menu bars. Each page in the site is linked on the site map page and is readable with a screen reader.