Welcome to the Buffalo Dairy

The Buffalo Dairy is a small family based farming and dairying
business based on a small family farm in Mid Wales.

picture of a buffalo

We keep a herd of Mediterranean Water Buffalo which we milk and then process the milk into cheese and, eventually, into other dairy products. Occasionally we also kill out some of the young bulls and have meat available.

Our Ty Mawr herd of Buffalo is based on Romanian and Italian genetics but our aim is to improve their performance based on increased use of Italian semen and bulls.
We also keep a small flock of pedigree Lleyn sheep, which we use for production of lamb and also to maintain a balanced mixed-grazing system on our land.

We also have on our holding a few pedigree Large Black pigs, which range and graze and consume whey produced in the cheese making process. Our buffalo and sheep are kept in a pastoral system, which means they graze on pasture, untreated by chemicals, and they are fed very little other than the grass beneath their feet, except in winter when they eat conserved forage (hay, silage).

You can read our Pastoral Statement by following the option in the menu.

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