About the Buffalo Dairy

The Buffalo Dairy is a small family-run farming and dairying business based on a cute, picturesque farm in Mid Wales.

Our journey began with a simple and beautiful idea; a self sustaining lifestyle. In 2001, our small family-run farm became the home of the very first Ty Mawr Mediterranean Water Buffaloes, with a small herd of around ten animals. Over the years, we have ventured to certain parts of Italy and Romania to find the perfect mix and breed of Buffalo, to create the finest porcelain white buffalo milk.

Over the past seventeen years, we have built a herd of over seventy buffaloes, as well as sourcing a small flock of pure-bred Welsh Lleyn sheep.

Our flock of Lleyn sheep in the meadow

The buffaloes grazing lushious grass in synchronisation

A newly born heifer calf takes her first steps in the bright sunshine with her mother

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