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Award winning hand-stretched Mozzarella made from Water Buffalo Milk

Natural and Pastoral

Just outside Penzance’s iconic and picturesque seaside town in Cornwall, Higher Bologgas Farm is home to a pastoral herd of Water Buffaloes from Italian and Romanian heritage.

They graze in luscious, rich Cornish pastures during the summer, with cosy straw-bedded barns being their winter home.

After calving, we milk the buffaloes to produce silky smooth, delicious, white milk. We then turn the porcelain white milk into our award-winning artisanal mozzarella for your enjoyment!

The farm is also home to different livestock that helps the local ecosystem. We maintain our animals in a pastoral system. They graze on pasture, untreated by chemicals, and are fed little other than the grass beneath their feet, except in winter when they eat conserved forage consisting of hay and silage.

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Founded at the turn of the millennium, The Buffalo Dairy are now at home in Cornwall.

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Hand Stretched Mozzarella

Our gorgeously smooth award-winning mozzarella is hand-stretched into perfectly sized delicious round balls for your enjoyment. Click the icon to the left to find out more!

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“Fantastic product, keeps my customers coming back again and again. Service provided by The Buffalo Dairy second to none.”
Local Restaurant Owner
“The Buffalo Dairy's Mozzarella has rave reviews from our regular customers, many of whom are directly from Italy and are looking for a taste of their homeland.”
Delicatessen Owner in Aberystwyth
“One of the best mozzarellas I have ever tasted. The Buffalo Dairy have truly created a masterpiece. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves a taste of Italy.”
Italian Mozzarella Maker