Here at the Buffalo Dairy, we keep a herd of Mediterranean Water Buffalo, on truly pastoral land. After calfing, the buffalo are milked, and sold wholesale to select manufacturers throughout the UK.

Natural and Pastoral.

We milk the water buffaloes at specific times of the year to produce a high quality cheddar cheese. We then store the cheese till it has matured and distribute it to a number of popular delicatessens in the local area.

Our buffalo and sheep are kept in a pastoral system, which means they graze on pasture, untreated by chemicals, and they are fed very little other than the grass beneath their feet, except in winter when they eat conserved forage (hay, silage).


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A Diverse Holding


Our Ty Mawr herd of Buffalo is based on Romanian and Italian genetics, meaning they have a good balance milk production but are also hardier animals that can survive the harsh british winters..

We also keep a small flock of pedigree Lleyn sheep, which we use for production of lamb and also to maintain a balanced mixed-grazing system on our land.

Our Philosophy


Here at the Buffalo Dairy, we pride ourselves on our sustainability. It is important as a business in our industry to have a social responsibility. By managing our flock and herd of animals pastorally, we are enabling the land on which they graze to recover.

The animals are looked after responsibly, ensuring they are relaxed and content when they provide us with the milk to produce our products.