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Living a natural pastoral self sufficient way of life

The Buffalo Dairy, located at Higher Bologgas Farm, just outside the famous seaside town of Penzance, is home to a herd of predominately Italian Water Buffaloes from elite milking herds of Northern and Southern Italy.

Our vision of a natural and pastoral way of life dates back to the turn of the millennium when we bought our first three buffaloes.

Throughout the past two decades, we have grown the herd to over seventy animals and made award-winning artisanal products.

This journey has led us to produce our very own brand Mount’s Bay Mozzarella, inspired by one of the best makers of the soft, stretchy cheese in Italy.

a simple and beautiful idea

Our journey began with a simple and beautiful idea; a self-sufficient lifestyle.

In 2001, our small family-run farm became the home of our very first Mediterranean Water Buffaloes, with a small herd of three animals, which quickly grew to ten within the first month.

Over the years, we have ventured to parts of Italy to find the perfect mix and breed of Water Buffalo to create the finest porcelain white buffalo milk, which goes into our artisanal hand-stretched mozzarella.

Over the past two decades, we have built a herd of over seventy buffaloes, now happily finding their home in Cornwall.

a journey spanning over two decades

growing the herd

Our small herd of three animals quickly grew to ten within the first month.

In the first year, we had our first home-bred calf, whom we named Genesis. 

The milk we received from her mother went into creating the first ever batch of ice cream.

our first product

We developed our first product from the porcelain-coloured, silky smooth milk within a year. It was an ice cream made with the simplest of ingredients, and we named it Gelato di Latte di Bufala, simply meaning ‘ice cream of the milk of buffalo’ in Italian.

The ice cream was an instant success, and by 2005, we were not only selling it in Waitrose stores across the UK, but we had won awards too.

the birth of our mozzarella

In 2009, we decided to create cheese from the milk, turning it into a delicious, cheddar-like product.

The cheese only spiked more interest in a flagship product that had been requested of us many times over the first decade in business; mozzarella.

We researched and took counsel from one of the top mozzarella makers in Italy, hailing from Trento. From this, we developed our award-winning, hand-stretched mozzarella that our customers love.

In 2019, we focused our efforts solely on the mozzarella, as demand had outgrown supply.

Our vision to live naturally and pastorally means that the quantity of milk we have from the herd of seventy buffaloes all goes into making the mozzarella.

a business focused on family

family centric

The Buffalo Dairy is now located on a small farm overlooking Mounts Bay, home to the iconic St Michaels Mount.

Our buffaloes graze the rich Cornish pastures overlooking the bay and produce the milk that goes into our unique Cornish buffalo mozzarella.

The business is primarily focused on family, both human and buffalo. Our values aim at the welfare of both and the land they tread upon, aiming to farm the land regeneratively and sustainably.

If you are interested in our mozzarella, visit the link below to go to our store. We are now taking orders to be shipped straight to your doorstep.

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