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award winning mozzarella

We began developing our mozzarella in 2009, when we ventured to Trento, Italy, to find one of the top artists of the product.

We make the mozzarella from the silky-smooth, porcelain-white milk directly from the buffaloes on the farm.

The mozzarella perfectly fits our pastoral vision and we have spent over a decade perfecting the recipe.

our award-winning Mount's Bay Mozzarella

inspired by beauty

The fields on which the buffalo graze overlook the iconic Mount’s Bay, home of St Michaels Mount, inspiring the name of the product, Mount’s Bay Mozzarella.

We supply the mozzarella to several local Cornish restaurants and further afield to our customers who receive it by mail.

Currently, we do not have an automatic online shop set up, but we have a small quantity of mozzarella to supply directly to new customers.

If you are interested, please contact us at, or fill in the form below, and we will contact you with details. 

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Founded at the turn of the millenium, The Buffalo Dairy are now at home in Cornwall.

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